Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Night Hike

Last night I did something I don't think i'd usually do.
I went on a night hike. It was a full moon so we didn't have flashlights. only the moonlight to guide our way.
It was a really hard hike. I was so tired at some points but then at the end when we were up at the flag I felt so accomplished. looking at the view of the city was awesome, it made you feel so small.

I kept thinking about how there are so many people out there and yet i'm here with a group of 8 friends, what in my life has lead me to that point? its cool to think there is so much out there and even though you might be out of your comfort zone (i have been a lot lately) its worth it. the experiences i've been having I wouldn't trade for anything.
View from part way up the hike (i found these pictures online obviously because its not dark)

                                               View from the top!

I thought i'd be so beat today but i'm not sore at all, its weird.

Tonight:taking back sunday concert!!! yeah!!

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