Friday, August 19, 2011

oh my.

I'm counting down the summer. only a few more weeks and i'll be back at school

Right now I feel like school is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. but i know that once i get back into the grind of school I'm going to be longing for the carefree days of summer.
But anyways this week:

I made an Earring holder.
All I used was a screen(from a window), ribbon, buttons, spray paint. oh and a hot glue gun.

Also yesterday my sister and I went to a Progressive dinner and it was very interesting...
all the people in her ward that were from latin countries cooked food from their native countries. we went to a house and had Guatemalan food. it was pretty good. But the diamond in the rough of food last night was this baby:
White Corn Guacamole
we snatched the recipe and made our own batch today
White Corn Guacamole

-1 avocado, Diced fine
-1/2 cup sweet white corn
-1/4 cup black beans
-1/4 cup Jicama , diced fine
-1/2 cup onions, diced fine
-1/2 of one red bell pepper, diced fine
-1 handful of cilantro, chopped
-1 lime
-1/2 teaspoon of salt

Combine in a medium bowl, serve with tortilla chips

try not to eat the whole bowl in one sitting: that's the hard part.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I was once told that "guys and girls can never become just friends. they may end up being just friends but at some point somebody on one end had motives" I thought this was ridiculous. and I don't think its true.. but then i got to thinking and I guess its possibly true. They may not be romantic motives.. they may be selfish motives like "hey they drive a nice jeep wrangler. I like those cars. i want to ride in it" boom friendship formed because of that reason. When you get to meet the person a lot of times those initial motives melt away. But it made me sit back and think upon the relationships I've developed. I wonder what caused them to want to get to know me better.

I think its interesting.

I liked this video too.
There is so much world out there to see. It makes me want to take a semester off and travel.

we'll see...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Recently I have felt this need to improve myself. I have all these ideas and desires of the person I want to be, the talents I want to develop. But the fear of failing has kind of held me back. I want to write again.
Use a pen to put my feeling in verse form. or poetry that can connect with someone. Hit them in the pit of their stomach and echo in their heart.

 I know I have it inside me to do these things, whats holding me back. why do I feel stifled?

On another note. Music- Why is it so hard to find deep lyrics? okay I have no problem finding them in the music that I listen to but mainstream... (don't get me wrong, i often enjoy a jam session singing mindlessly to ke$ha with my sister) but i worry for the people that radio is their only culture. The songs are often two phrases repeated over and over until it burrows its self into your brain and you're humming it all day. catchy, yes.. but are you musically fulfilled?

I guess what i really want to say is, listen to what connects with you. be who you desire the most. and dont let fear hold you back.

I'm currently enjoying:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What makes you happy?
My life goes through cycles. Not necessarily cycles as in happy sad but in the things I like to do.
I go on reading kicks for two weeks at a time where that is all I do. 
Or maybe i'll go on a baking spree, force feeding my experiments to my friends..

But do you want to know what my favorite one is?
DIY kicks.
Nothing feels better then finishing a project hanging it on a wall, placing it on a table ect. and it looks legit.
people tell you that you should sell them. or that you're intense.
I think its so interesting how every single person in this would in one way or another feels the need to create.
Maybe you write poetry, or you paint. maybe you are just really good at making a salad. but nothing beats that feeling of looking down and the pure joy you get from the thought that hey I made this. and it came from my heart. and soul and brain and somehow i processed the idea and used my hands and it came out to be this. (at least that's how I feel)

I love the DI. I love the fact that people take stuff there believing it is junk and then i can go stumble across it, and rework it into something that is me.
I can not wait to have my own house that I can decorate just the way I like. 

I feel the best when i'm creating. I feel like its something I was meant to do. it really hits you when you haven't don't something creative in a long time... and then you get this rush and anticipation and excitement, and then when you finish the project your scour the internet looking for more projects. 

on a separate note all together...I want these:

Monday, August 1, 2011

This ones for you.

You know who you are.

Today was hectic. Its one of those I want to crawl into a ball on my bed and turn on City and colour onto repeat on my ipod and just listen. and pretend to have some deep thoughts pass through my mind (in reality i have about 5 things that make a cycle in my thoughts.) i'm not telling you what they are, don't even try to get it out of me.
 One thing i have thought about lately is going back to school and new roommates. I've decided to be adventurous and drop myself into an apartment with knowing nobody. I've had good and bad roommates. frankly i get along with just about everyone. whats one of my biggest concerns? What if my roommate has sucky taste in music and blasts it. what if she likes nickleback? how long will i try to stand the atrociousness (is that a word) of the garbage they call music??  I'm sure she will be awesome.


This blog post was lame.

The end