Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday- Your car was stolen

Yesterday was the big 2-0! holy cow I AM SO OLD! I woke up and bret, my brother in law (who knows of my past addiction to mountain dew and current love of it) decided my birthday treat was one bottle of each flavor.
how thoughtful right?

But today was a day that scared the cheese outta me. I have grown up in a small town my whole life. small enough that we dont really worry about locking our car doors, and most people dont lock their houses.
so last night we went to the cheesecake factory for dinner. in order to conserve cars we decided to leave my car in my sister's scrubs store parking lot and she'd pick it up and drive it home that night.
my grandma came with us, isnt she cute? :)
We got a cake from Cakes du Fleur Deeelicious. seriously, if your're ever in the SLC area and want a slamming Lemon cake....hit.them.up. you wont regret it
So we decided to leave the car there overnight and we were going to pick it up today. We were running errands in SLC when we finally made our way to the scrubs store. right before we got to the store i was like am, "what if my car is just not there" and then we turned into the parking lot and it was gone. nowhere to be seen. I was in shock. my mind was blank. HOLY CRAP SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR. 

Her store is kind of in the ghetto. but I locked the doors. I didnt know what the heck I was going to do. my brother in law was going to file a police report and i was just sitting there about to cry/throw up.

But apparently the landlord of their business center didnt recognize my car and he saw it there at around 11 pm so he took it upon himself to call a tow company and have it towed. there wasnt a towing sign or anything. I was just relieved that my car wasnt stolen by some hoodlums. So we had to go pick it up in the ghetto. but my cute little amigo is safe and I will never leave it alone for more them a few hours again!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


today I wore velvet pants.
they look like this.
I cant find a picture online. so think of skinny jeans.
black skinny jeans.
now imagine them made out of soft soft velvet and boom there you go.

I started work today (thats why I got velvet pants.. makes sense? yeah, no)
I work at Harmons. in the floral department.
i. washed. buckets. all. day.

it was alright. I just HATE training, i hate how you are on edge and nervous all day, how you dont know what to do and you dont want to mess up so you ask a million questions and then you feel stupid so you stop asking questions and you make everything up.

Yeah it was fantastic.

but on the bright side. look at my fantastic little finds I made at DI
Clip ons. vintage. cheap. I was elated when I found these!

also, we made this cake!
And by we i mean bret and am did, I made the spider though. he is vicious. I put fangs on him.

Anyways I realized that living here means I am going to constantly be out of my comfort zone. because I know nobody. and I wont meet anyone unless I try, and by trying that means I will be out of my comfort zone. Its a terrible little cycle actually.

But i'm making progress.
I'm 20 in 2 (almost 1) days. Holy. Cow.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


That is the name of my sisters puppy.

That is her. now dont let that adorable face fool you. she is demonic. ok, thats a lie she's pretty good except for when she's hyper and she runs around and around and around the couch for no reason. its quite comical and i'm sure with my lack of friends, she will be sufficient entertainment for the summer!

Yesterday I went to the zoo!!
I LOVE the zoo!!!! i got to see elephants and monkeys and even two camels.
and I went with my friend nate so the company wasn't bad either.

yay for it being summer! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello all,
I am an official utard, by location only.
I am all moved into my sisters house.
I'm kind of nervous about this summer. mostly about the me not knowing anyone part. But i hope I make friends soon.

To keep myself busy I have taken up some projects. Me and my sister made some deee-licious cupcakes

It was a sunday and we weren't all stocked up to bake so we modified a cake mix recipe. We used chocolate cupcake mix and added chocolate chips and a cup of sour cream. this made the cupcakes super moist. we then filled them with raspberry jam and made a raspberry buttercream frosting. We are baking machines.
Be prepared to see more of our creations.

I also made some art to hang on my wall. its fabric with masking tape and then i spray painted and and put it in a frame. boom. art. cheap decoration too :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The end of an era.

Okay, actually just another semester. but dang when did i get so old?
I cant believe i am finished with my second year of college. and i'm moving to utah, no friends, a fresh start.
I am excited but to be honest I am completely and totally terrified!
I am sure i'll make friends, I mean look how cool i am-
ok just kidding, but seriously.

Me and some friends, basically the coolest people ever hung out last night. and we all know that some weird stuff goes down finals week. we made paper mustaches (i'm sure we could have done something weirder)
But here are some of the pics:

arent we a gorgeous group? :)

Jess i'm sorry you are on your side!

Anyways, the car is all packed. Tests are done. bathroom is clean
 (that cleaner is toxic i swear. I have a sore throat)

tomorrow the journey starts!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's the final countdown!

First things first:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS JESSICA ELLIS :D i love your pretty face.

only a few more days! :) :)
My-oh-my what a semester this has been. I'm actually kind of sad to see that its winding down.
I actually started to make more friends the last month, and now i'm leaving. blasted track system.
Its sad to think there are some people here I will never see again, everyone is on different paths in their lives.
But its been a fun past couple weeks! see-

 Cara's Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse! :)

Now time to pack up the car and start my Utah adventure.

Wish me luck.