Saturday, August 6, 2011


Recently I have felt this need to improve myself. I have all these ideas and desires of the person I want to be, the talents I want to develop. But the fear of failing has kind of held me back. I want to write again.
Use a pen to put my feeling in verse form. or poetry that can connect with someone. Hit them in the pit of their stomach and echo in their heart.

 I know I have it inside me to do these things, whats holding me back. why do I feel stifled?

On another note. Music- Why is it so hard to find deep lyrics? okay I have no problem finding them in the music that I listen to but mainstream... (don't get me wrong, i often enjoy a jam session singing mindlessly to ke$ha with my sister) but i worry for the people that radio is their only culture. The songs are often two phrases repeated over and over until it burrows its self into your brain and you're humming it all day. catchy, yes.. but are you musically fulfilled?

I guess what i really want to say is, listen to what connects with you. be who you desire the most. and dont let fear hold you back.

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  1. I love middle brother :) And...I like your idea! I write in my journal a lot or write poems and even if I'm the only one reading it...somehow it makes me feel like I left my mark or that I influenced someone. Maybe that's weird, but writing anything is so therapeutic and makes you feel so important! you're cute. I love you.