Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What makes you happy?
My life goes through cycles. Not necessarily cycles as in happy sad but in the things I like to do.
I go on reading kicks for two weeks at a time where that is all I do. 
Or maybe i'll go on a baking spree, force feeding my experiments to my friends..

But do you want to know what my favorite one is?
DIY kicks.
Nothing feels better then finishing a project hanging it on a wall, placing it on a table ect. and it looks legit.
people tell you that you should sell them. or that you're intense.
I think its so interesting how every single person in this would in one way or another feels the need to create.
Maybe you write poetry, or you paint. maybe you are just really good at making a salad. but nothing beats that feeling of looking down and the pure joy you get from the thought that hey I made this. and it came from my heart. and soul and brain and somehow i processed the idea and used my hands and it came out to be this. (at least that's how I feel)

I love the DI. I love the fact that people take stuff there believing it is junk and then i can go stumble across it, and rework it into something that is me.
I can not wait to have my own house that I can decorate just the way I like. 

I feel the best when i'm creating. I feel like its something I was meant to do. it really hits you when you haven't don't something creative in a long time... and then you get this rush and anticipation and excitement, and then when you finish the project your scour the internet looking for more projects. 

on a separate note all together...I want these:

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