Monday, August 1, 2011

This ones for you.

You know who you are.

Today was hectic. Its one of those I want to crawl into a ball on my bed and turn on City and colour onto repeat on my ipod and just listen. and pretend to have some deep thoughts pass through my mind (in reality i have about 5 things that make a cycle in my thoughts.) i'm not telling you what they are, don't even try to get it out of me.
 One thing i have thought about lately is going back to school and new roommates. I've decided to be adventurous and drop myself into an apartment with knowing nobody. I've had good and bad roommates. frankly i get along with just about everyone. whats one of my biggest concerns? What if my roommate has sucky taste in music and blasts it. what if she likes nickleback? how long will i try to stand the atrociousness (is that a word) of the garbage they call music??  I'm sure she will be awesome.


This blog post was lame.

The end

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