Tuesday, February 15, 2011

40 degrees and it feels like spring time

Today its WARM outside! not warm probably to anyone other then us here in rexburg. You see two weeks ago I was walking to class in negative 20 weather. Now its a toasty 43*!
It makes me want to rip off these layers i've been hiding under and have a picnic or something!
(Picnics are really my favorite. fyi)

Anyways... I finished my craft of the week already. and now I have requests to make them for family members because it turned out so garsh darned well.
Wanna take a peek-skees?

Isn't it cute? and they are cheap to make. like under $2 dollars each. sounds like a good gift idea to me.

 Me and my roomie Jess like to have parties (we like themed parties. and food. so usually the party revolves around food) 
Let me guess.. You want to be our friend? yeah everyone does.
well we are having a nacho party tomorrow.
this means nachos. nacho libre. tacky Mexican decorations and if we have a little free time tonight we are going to make a piñata. (see now you really want to be our friend)
I'll let you know how the piñata making business goes tomorrow

I am obsessed with this song. enjoy it :)

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