Thursday, February 17, 2011


You want to know what I hate about this school? the men. especially the "dude-bro's"
(you know the ones that sit up on the third floor of the library "studying"  false they're actually checking out each girl that walks through the door, ready to pounce)
Am I bitter?
Anywhoo.. this is not important so i will not speak of it anymore on this lovely little blog of mine.

Last night was out nacho party! we made a Piñata!
(round of applause please)
Step 1: Take balloon

Step 2:Paper mache that sucker up. and make a contraption for it to dry like we did :)

Step 3: enlist your super awesome roommate to pain the piñata like so:

Step 4: have a friend destroy the piñata
videos to come of that soon :)

The party was a success despite the power outage that happened right before that.
(I love power outages here. people go crazy)
This weekend I'm going to Utah with my friend Lauren.
its going to be epic.
So i'll see you all next week. take care :)

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