Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello all,
I am an official utard, by location only.
I am all moved into my sisters house.
I'm kind of nervous about this summer. mostly about the me not knowing anyone part. But i hope I make friends soon.

To keep myself busy I have taken up some projects. Me and my sister made some deee-licious cupcakes

It was a sunday and we weren't all stocked up to bake so we modified a cake mix recipe. We used chocolate cupcake mix and added chocolate chips and a cup of sour cream. this made the cupcakes super moist. we then filled them with raspberry jam and made a raspberry buttercream frosting. We are baking machines.
Be prepared to see more of our creations.

I also made some art to hang on my wall. its fabric with masking tape and then i spray painted and and put it in a frame. boom. art. cheap decoration too :)

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