Thursday, April 7, 2011

The end of an era.

Okay, actually just another semester. but dang when did i get so old?
I cant believe i am finished with my second year of college. and i'm moving to utah, no friends, a fresh start.
I am excited but to be honest I am completely and totally terrified!
I am sure i'll make friends, I mean look how cool i am-
ok just kidding, but seriously.

Me and some friends, basically the coolest people ever hung out last night. and we all know that some weird stuff goes down finals week. we made paper mustaches (i'm sure we could have done something weirder)
But here are some of the pics:

arent we a gorgeous group? :)

Jess i'm sorry you are on your side!

Anyways, the car is all packed. Tests are done. bathroom is clean
 (that cleaner is toxic i swear. I have a sore throat)

tomorrow the journey starts!

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