Sunday, April 17, 2011


today I wore velvet pants.
they look like this.
I cant find a picture online. so think of skinny jeans.
black skinny jeans.
now imagine them made out of soft soft velvet and boom there you go.

I started work today (thats why I got velvet pants.. makes sense? yeah, no)
I work at Harmons. in the floral department.
i. washed. buckets. all. day.

it was alright. I just HATE training, i hate how you are on edge and nervous all day, how you dont know what to do and you dont want to mess up so you ask a million questions and then you feel stupid so you stop asking questions and you make everything up.

Yeah it was fantastic.

but on the bright side. look at my fantastic little finds I made at DI
Clip ons. vintage. cheap. I was elated when I found these!

also, we made this cake!
And by we i mean bret and am did, I made the spider though. he is vicious. I put fangs on him.

Anyways I realized that living here means I am going to constantly be out of my comfort zone. because I know nobody. and I wont meet anyone unless I try, and by trying that means I will be out of my comfort zone. Its a terrible little cycle actually.

But i'm making progress.
I'm 20 in 2 (almost 1) days. Holy. Cow.

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