Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A day of inspiration

That is what yesterday was.
I felt inspired , by so many people, in so many different ways.
isn't it funny how you can give advice to people, telling them it will all be okay because you see the magnificence of their being. You know God has them in his hands, and that there is no way he would let that single person feel hurt for no reason. because you see the beauty in them.

Yesterday we went to Last Poet Standing on campus. and to be honesty i was leery of going because i have never enjoyed poetry. in school I would dread when we had to analyze a poem. the rhythm, the rhyme.
picking apart someone else's words until we find meaning.

last night was different. These people have a way with words.
the ability to cut into your heart and make you feel something by the phrases they speak.
it blew me away. here are some of the performances I was able to find online from last night:

and here is the winning poem of the night:
I dont know how you can listen to these and not feel anything

I want to be able to write like this, I want to learn how to convey what I feel by the words I speak.
I hope you enjoy those videos and I hope you are inspired to write. like i am.

My good friend jameson needed models for his photo class so he asked us!
(i love having photographer friends)
here's some of the pics:

Kind of amazing isn't he?
 Now go be inspired!

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