Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm going to be stubborn.

And not do the dishes.
Because i am sick and tired of them. and none of them are even mine.
i hate being "mom" of the apartment. I didnt pay to clean up after other people.
(two of my roommates are very clean. i'm not talking about you :) )

but anyways:
this week has been a doozy I am exhausted.
tomorrow i have/get to go on a field trip to west yellowstone.
to look at rocks.

Cant you tell i'm ecstatic? 
I was supposed to go to the color festival! its the holy festival and I went last year with my siblings.
take a lookskees-

soooo fun! my roommate jess is there right now!
well thats a lie, but she is going tomorrow. i hope she has fun because i miss her stinking guts.

Have a great "friday friday"
(if you dont know what thats a reference to..consider yourself lucky)

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