Saturday, March 26, 2011


have you ever heard this song?
It is one of those songs that i can listen to over and over and over. 
because it is just so beautiful. every note played is in the perfect place.
I love it. 
someone played it at our ward talent show tonight. it was fantastic and reminded me how much i love the song, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Would you like to hear about my day?
(i'll pretend like you're saying yes)
 I woke up 7 for the worlds WORST field trip.

we went to West Yellowstone to look at rocks. I am sure I would have loved it in the spring time. But I am not a fan of standing in the stabbing wind for prolonged periods of time.

but maybe thats just me.

i got home at 3:30. yes that is a 7 hour long trip. mostly in a bus. kill me.

but then I got home.I got a letter sent back from my friend joe (he's in the army) earlier this week. and I was so mad because It said i had the wrong address and I thought "how the heck am I supposed to send this to him when i have no way to contact him?"

boom. light bulb.
I remembered in the last letter he gave me a cell number and said when he gets out of boot camp he can use it. so i called it and he answered!!
I wasn't expecting an answer. I got to talk to him for a while and it was probably the highlight of my week.
But anyways then we went to the talent show and some guy danced to two songs like Michael Jackson. it was pretty legit.
.the end.

(i wish there was an ice cream man in rexburg.. raise your hand if you agree!)

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