Sunday, March 13, 2011


Thats what I am. Its been far far too long since i've been on here. and a lot has happened.
not necesarily a lot of important things, but life has happened. and with that there have been changes.

1.I cut my hair.
Like 3 inches off, i wanted to grow it long. but instead i made an impulse decision and well...haven't regretted it yet!

2. yesterday an amazing girl named marissa booth did a photoshoot! and i got to be in it! it was SO fun :)
check out some of the pics:
Aren't they just fantastic? i'm in love with every single one. It was a lot of fun. I think people need to have photo shoots more often. just sayin'

3. I'm moving to utah this summer! I am super duper excited/ terrified! I'm going there next weekend for a job interview. keep your fingers crossed for me!

4. Do you feel like you're at a turning point in your life? where you could go two very different directions? either will take you to a good place. but how do you decide? I feel like I can go many routes at this point. and it scares  me. but with faith in Christ I know he wont let me go too far away from where I need to be.

5. I'm trying to be more positive. I have always been told that its up to me to make it a great day. but sometimes I feel like the world is adamant on knocking my ice cream cone in the sand (doesn't that make you sad just thinking about it?) quit being so bi-polar carissa. things will be alright.

6.Last night I went to a bonfire. and on the way out there we got to drive through HUGE puddles. let me tell you i LOVE puddles. everything about them, i think i liked that more then the fire :) but the stars were phenomenal. living in rexburg i forget about stars because its so overcast all the time but last night.. ahhhh.'re getting sick of reading eh? sorry, i keep babbling on. but let me tell you, i love my friends. every single one.

Good Weekend.

Watch that! its the best!!

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