Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Funny how things happen

hello bloggity world out there!
These past couple days have been stressful/awesome.

monday: for FHE we went and saw the "bodies" exhibit
it was really cool! I wish I knew more about the human body though. my amazing roommate took anat and phys so she was pointing out all these differennt things, basically looking like a super genius. I love her.
(warning: the baby room was so sad. I couldn't stay in there very long)

Tuesday: lazy lazy day! I decided I didnt want to go to the library to do I didnt! i sat at home, lounged around and relaxed (not smart, i have to make up for it now)  but it was lovely while it lasted.

 funny how things happen. right now my goal is to take all sorts of risks. I'm Young, I'm in college. live it up...right? we'll see on that one.

I want to make these:

Maybe someday i'll get married and this could be a decoration?

p.s. I know i'm extremely boring today. but if you could see me you wouldn't think the case. I'm wearing sparkly tights. (kind of makes me feel like ke$ha) yikes.

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