Monday, March 21, 2011

uneasy, and unrested

Today i have had a roller coaster of emotions and feelings and ideas.
I feel so uneasy. I can't explain the feeling.
 but first let me show you a song that captures how i feel exactly this second:
I am usually one that tries to make my blog posts positive. Because I don't want be negative, and I don't want to shout at the world Hey Over here! i'm misunderstood feel bad for me! 
but today I feel like a lot is fighting against me being happy.

So here is a brief rant:

1. boys acting like girls. why are you so dang sensitive sir? but seriously.. he is more of a girl then ANY of my roommates. and the mood swings are draining.

2. Boys acting like boys. I don't understand how you are so incredibly stuck on yourself and i don't understand how just when i'm done.. when i realize that underneath your skin you are repulsive.. you send me a text and the cycle starts over. not like you realize or care. I wanted to be friends in the beginning. But thats out the window now. 3 weeks and you are out of my life forever. thank goodness.

3. The hurt of relationships. This doesn't deal with me.. But to a couple of my close friends this week. the sting of an ended relationship. and looking at them.. it makes me upset because I see how perfect and flawless these two are, why don't they? Why do we all have to get hurt? And lastly what is the point of putting yourself out there when chances are (at least in my eyes) you are going to be the one in the end hurt. and confused.

4.Do you notice these are directly/indirectly about men? (get your priorities straight carissa)

Now because I wrote three negatives I will write positives. because life isn't that terrible. (seriously)

1. my friends/roommates. Holy cow they are all in my life for different reasons and i am so thankful for each and every one of them. for example just now I ran into my roomie's room ranting about a certain boy being a girl. she calmed me down and even offered the idea of a craft tonight. (i am a sucker for crafts) and she is gorgeous. look at her!! And we went on a bike ride yesterday! to the park. the simple things are the best.

2. words with friends. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. it is unhealthy. I am constantly draining my cell battery. But then i rationalize it saying that I am building my vocabulary. But I really just want to beat everyone. I want to dominate and then I want to rub it their faces at later times.

3. The fact that i got not 1...but 2 jobs this weekend!! you know what that means? I'M MOVING TO UTAH!!! this summer! are you excited for me? guess what the best part is? I am working in the floral department. its the perfect job. at least i think so now. And i will be in Salt Lake area meaning concerts galore!! i am really going to have to watch my spending.

look what we made:
Pumpkin cream cheese muffins. they were divine. now they're in my belly because they were so divine.

I am going to go play words with friends now. 

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